Other Useful Terminal Services Commands

There are a few other useful commands for working with Terminal Services, including the following:

  • MSG [UserName | SessionName | SessionId | *] [/Server:ServerName] [Message]—Use MSG to send a console message to users by user name, session name, and session ID. Use the asterisk wildcard (*) to send the same message to all sessions on a designated server.

  • TSKILL ProcessId | ProcessName [/Server:ServerName] [/ID:SessionId | /a] [/v]—Use TSKILL to end a process using the process ID or process name. A process can be shut down for a particular session ID using /ID:SessionID or for all sessions running the process by using the option /a.

  • TSSHUTDN [SecondsToWait] [/Server:ServerName] [/Reboot] [/Powerdown] [/ Delay: ...

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