Chapter 4. Working with Lists

In this chapter you will learn to:

  • Discover default lists in a site.

  • Create a new list.

  • Add, edit, and delete list items.

  • Use the Datasheet view.

  • Attach files to list items.

  • Add, edit, and delete list columns.

  • Sort and filter a list.

  • Add and modify a list view.

  • Set up alerts.

  • Delete a list.

You can think of the lists in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services as editable, Web- based tables that facilitate concurrent, multi-user interactions against a common, centralized, extensible set of columns and rows. SharePoint lists empower users to provision their own repositories of structured information using list items that behave like rows with labeled columns named by you. The Web pages necessary to create, review, update, delete, ...

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