Using the unattend.txt Setup File for Automated Installations

In the /i386 directory on your Windows XP installation CD, you will find a file called unattend.txt. You can use this file to provide answers to the prompts setup issues as it runs. Using this answer file solves part of the problem of automating the setup process. The unattend.txt file can contain a lot of information, or you can use the bare bones template included in the /i386 directory. A portion of the simple template provided by Microsoft is as follows:

 [Unattended]Unattendmode = FullUnattended OemPreinstall = NO TargetPath = * Filesystem = LeaveAlone [UserData] FullName = "Your User Name" OrgName = "Your Organization Name" ComputerName = * ProductKey= "JJWKH-7M9R8-26VM4-FX8CC-GDPD8" ...

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