From Here
Here are a few other places to turn to for information related to user accounts and other
aspects of this chapter:
For some logon tips and techniques, see the section in Chapter 1 titled “Useful
Windows XP Logon Strategies.”
For the details on group policies, see the section in Chapter 7 titled “Implementing
Group Policies with Windows XP.”
To learn how to work with the Registry, see Chapter 8, “Getting to Know the
Windows XP Registry.”
For information on sharing Outlook Express within a single user account, see the
section in Chapter 19 titled “Working with Identities.”
You need to set up user accounts for the people with whom you want to share
resources in a peer-to-peer network. For the details, see the section in Chapter 22
titled “Sharing Resources with the Network.”
CHAPTER 6 Getting the Most Out of User Accounts158

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