Book description

The complete guide to building world-class rich Internet applications with Microsoft Expression Blend 4 and WPF, Silverlight, and XAML

  • Now in full color!

  • Covers all designer interactions involved in building real-world applications -- from drag-and-drop design to prototyping, and beyond

  • Includes four start-to-finish "Learning Lab Project" case studies

  • By Brennon Williams, Microsoft MVP for Expression Blend and a world-renowned leader of the Expression Blend community

Written by Microsoft MVP Brennon Williams, this is the definitive guide to building rich Internet applications with the newest version of Expression Blend. Now in full color, this comprehensive, practical reference covers every designer and developer interaction with Expression Blend 4, including: " Getting started, navigating Blend 4, and utilizing its tools and asset library " Using new designer tools to maximize productivity " Creating styles, control templates, and grid layouts " Prototyping WPF and Silverlight applications " Enabling specific software behaviors in user interfaces via drag-and-drop design " Using design-time data sources, resource dictionaries, and triggers " Storyboarding and then building sophisticated animations " Implementing processes " Importing designs from Adobe Illustrator and other programs " Creating functional prototypes " Working with user, inherited, and custom controls " Integrating 3D elements, and much more Expression Blend 4 Unleashed also includes four start-to-finish Learning Lab Projects -- walking designers through building media players, contact managers, application launchers, and media managers.

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  • Title: Microsoft
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  • Release date: April 2011
  • Publisher(s): Sams
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