Chapter 7. Migrating from JBoss 177
7.2 Prerequisites and assumptions
There are some prerequisites and assumptions we need to consider before
carrying on with the migration examples. One basic requirement is that the
reader should have the “destination” environment installed and configured as
described in Chapter 4, “Installation and configuration” on page 63. This should
provide some initial background knowledge if the reader is not yet familiar with
IBM products.
The reader should also be familiar with the following technologies before starting
򐂰 Sun J2EE 1.3 or 1.4 specification
Obviously, we assume familiarity with the Java language. We also
recommend that the reader become familiar with JSP and servlet
specifications as well as the Web application archive file structure (WAR
The following software should be installed before starting the migration:
򐂰 J2SE 1.4
We use J2SE 1.4 since it is supported by WebSphere Application Server V6
and we need to make sure our applications work well in this JVM. The
WebSphere Application Server V6 installation includes JDK 1.4.2 so you do
not need to install additional JDKs on your machine.
򐂰 Ant 1.5.1
Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. It is similar to the Make tool, but has
many enhanced features that make it a very good choice for Java
applications. This is required for migrating the xPetstore Servlet application.
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Application Server V6
Before you start migrating to WebSphere Application Server V6, we
recommend that you play with sample applications shipped with the product
and also read publications listed in “Related publications” on page 325.
Instructions on how to install and configure WebSphere Application Server V6
are covered in Chapter 4, “Installation and configuration” on page 63.
򐂰 IBM UDB DB2 8.2
WebSphere Application Server V6 supports many databases, but we have
decided to use DB2 for all our applications. Instructions on how to install and
configure DB2 Universal Database V8.2 can be found in Chapter 4,
“Installation and configuration” on page 63.

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