Chapter 3. Migration strategy and planning 31
Client transaction
This capability refers to the client being able to start/commit/rollback a
transaction on the server, except that in this case, the server transaction is
independent of the client global transaction. For example, if you have an EJB
running in WebSphere Application Server Community Edition that needs to
invoke an EJB running in WebSphere Application Server V6, can this “client”
EJB initiate and commit transactions on the WebSphere side? In this case,
the outcome of the WebSphere transaction has no direct impact on the
current transaction context of the WebLogic EJB.
3.3 Migration planning activities
As part of the migration planning, there is some information to gather in order to
understand its complexity, discover migration issues, and understand the skills
needed to accomplish it. The following activities represent the steps to gather all
the information needed in the migration.
Gathering concerned parties together
Evaluating current assets
Assessing the high-level application architecture
Reviewing and validating the application code
Reviewing the development environment
Reviewing the runtime environment
Reviewing the current build and deployment processes
Assessing current skills
Reviewing time constraints
Creating a detailed migration plan
3.3.1 Gathering concerned parties together
The migration assessment is a good opportunity to bring concerned parties
together. An interesting result of assessment is often a clearer understanding
between the different groups about the larger picture, and a greater appreciation
for the issues faced in other areas. At this time, it is a good idea to define your
project goal and set expectations and measures of success, as well as a time
line and management structure. This phase is no different from that in any
software project.

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