Million Dollar Micro Business

Book description

Discover how to launch a profitable online course from scratch 

In Million Dollar Micro Business: How To Turn Your Expertise Into A Digital Online Course, entrepreneur and author Tina Tower delivers a new and smarter way to do business that avoids huge overheads and large capital investments. Fueled by recent innovations in technology and shifts in consumer behavior, the accomplished author shows you a new way to have a big impact with few resources. 

You’ll learn how to create a digital course based on expertise you’ve gained through your life, business, academic work, and career. The book is a practical and tangible guide to getting started and offers a proven framework and case studies of people who have scaled courses into seven-figure ventures. 

This important book teaches you: 

  • How to turn your passion and expertise into profit, using what you know to create a global, online course 
  • Why bigger is not always better, and how less overhead and investment is often a good thing for a scalable business 
  • An alternative to the 9-5 hustle and grind of a traditional workplace 
  • Real-life case studies from people who have been on this journey before 

Perfect for entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, educated experts, and anyone else interested in sharing their knowledge with the world around them, Million Dollar Micro Business is an indispensable guide to creating a lucrative online course from scratch. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. about the author
  6. acknowledgements
  7. introduction
  8. Part I: How it begins
    1. 01 Start small
    2. 02 Personal branding
    3. 03 Time management
      1. Overthinking
      2. Finding time
    4. 04 Overcome your fear
    5. SUCCESS STORY: James Wedmore — Business By Design
  9. Part II: Create that first idea
    1. 05 Get clear on your idea
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Validating your idea
      3. Creating your vision
      4. Values
      5. Personal business goals
    2. 06 Set up your new business
      1. Business name
      2. Company name vs personal name
      3. Registering your business name
      4. Your business structure
      5. Setting up your business banking and accounting software
      6. Registering your domain name
      7. Setting up Google Workspace for your emails
      8. Setting up Dropbox
      9. Protecting your IP
      10. Budget
      11. Note
    3. 07 Map out your signature course
      1. Your course creation road map
      2. Course delivery
      3. Creating community
    4. 08 Develop your course content
      1. Future options
      2. Memberships
      3. Coaching and consulting
      4. Content creation
      5. Resources to accompany your content
      6. Recording your course
      7. Avoiding the trap of perfectionism
      8. Course video lengths
      9. Equipment
    5. 09 Design your point of difference
    6. 10 Design your brand and what you stand for
      1. Designing your logo
      2. Curious experimenting
      3. Landing page
      4. Social media
    7. 11 Nail your first offer and program
      1. Back yourself
      2. Your magnetic offer framework
    8. SUCCESS STORY: Kayse Morris — The CEO Teacher
  10. Part III: Launch it out into the world
    1. 12 Build your digital learning website
      1. What you need on your website
      2. Getting help to build your webpage
      3. Writing your bio
      4. Optimising for student success
    2. 13 Content marketing
      1. Social media
      2. Calls to action
      3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
      4. Third-party media
      5. Podcasting
      6. Live speaking
      7. Awards
      8. Publishing
    3. 14 Build your list
      1. List building
      2. Freebies
    4. 15 Sell your services from a virtual stage
      1. Running a webinar
      2. Plan your webinar content
      3. Communicate consistently
      4. Be prepared
      5. Make a waiting list
    5. SUCCESS STORY: Tracy Harris — Mums With Hustle
  11. Part IV: Growth
    1. 16 The comparison trap
    2. 17 Embrace automation and software
    3. 18 Become a systems nerd
    4. 19 Your micro team
    5. 20 Outsourcing vs in-house team
      1. Outsourcing do's and don'ts
      2. The in-house advantage
    6. 21 Ditch the guilt
    7. SUCCESS STORY: Clint Salter — Dance Studio Owners Association
  12. Part V: Welcome to the new world
    1. 22 Manage your money: cash flow vs profit
      1. Cash flow is reality
      2. Working with the cash flow pie
    2. 23 Say no to protect your energy
    3. 24 Design life your way
    4. 25 Where to from here?
    5. SUCCESS STORY: Denise Duffield-Thomas — Chillpreneur
  13. resources
  14. index
  15. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Million Dollar Micro Business
  • Author(s): Tina Tower
  • Release date: July 2021
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730392071