MIMO Power Line Communications

Book description

One of the first publications of its kind in the exciting field of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) power line communications (PLC), MIMO Power Line Communications: Narrow and Broadband Standards, EMC, and Advanced Processing contains contributions from experts in industry and academia, making it practical enough to provide a solid understanding of how PLC technologies work, yet scientific enough to form a base for ongoing R&D activities.

This book is subdivided into five thematic parts. Part I looks at narrow- and broadband channel characterization based on measurements from around the globe. Taking into account current regulations and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), part II describes MIMO signal processing strategies and related capacity and throughput estimates. Current narrow- and broadband PLC standards and specifications are described in the various chapters of part III. Advanced PLC processing options are treated in part IV, drawing from a wide variety of research areas such as beamforming/precoding, time reversal, multi-user processing, and relaying. Lastly, part V contains case studies and field trials, where the advanced technologies of tomorrow are put into practice today.

Suitable as a reference or a handbook, MIMO Power Line Communications: Narrow and Broadband Standards, EMC, and Advanced Processing features self-contained chapters with extensive cross-referencing to allow for a flexible reading path.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Editors
  8. Contributors
  9. Part I Power Line Channel and Noise: Characteristics and Modelling
    1. 1. Introduction to Power Line Communication Channel and Noise Characterisation
    2. 2. Narrowband Characterisation in an Office Environment
    3. 3. Narrowband Measurements in Domestic Access Networks
    4. 4. Broadband In-Home Characterisation and Correlation-Based Modelling
    5. 5. Broadband In-Home Statistics and Stochastic Modelling
  10. Part II Regulations, Electromagnetic Compatibility and MIMO Capacity
    1. 6. Power Line Communication Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations
    2. 7. MIMO PLC Electromagnetic Compatibility Statistical Analysis
    3. 8. MIMO PLC Signal Processing Theory
    4. 9. MIMO PLC Capacity and Throughput Analysis
  11. Part III Current PLC Systems and Their Evolution
    1. 10. Current Power Line Communication Systems: A Survey
    2. 11. Narrowband Power Line Standards
    3. 12. ITU G.hn: Broadband Home Networking
    4. 13. IEEE 1901: Broadband over Power Line Networks
    5. 14. HomePlug AV2: Next-Generation Broadband over Power Line
    6. 15. IEEE 1905.1: Convergent Digital Home Networking
  12. Part IV Advanced PHY and MAC Layer Processing
    1. 16. Smart Beamforming: Improving PLC Electromagnetic Interference
    2. 17. Radiation Mitigation for Power Line Communications Using Time Reversal.
    3. 18. Linear Precoding for Multicarrier and Multicast PLC
    4. 19. Multi-user MIMO for Power Line Communications
    5. 20. Relaying Protocols for In-Home PLC
  13. Part V Implementations, Case Studies and Field Trials
    1. 21. Narrowband PLC Channel and Noise Emulation
    2. 22. Cognitive Frequency Exclusion in EN 50561-1:2012
    3. 23. Mitigating PLC Interference to Broadcast Radio
    4. 24. MIMO PLC Hardware Feasibility Study
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: MIMO Power Line Communications
  • Author(s): Lars Torsten Berger, Andreas Schwager, Pascal Pagani, Daniel Schneider
  • Release date: December 2017
  • Publisher(s): CRC Press
  • ISBN: 9781351832120