Chapter 10

Leading People, Change and Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Leading in the midst of constant change

arrow Helping your organisation flourish

arrow Developing a mindful organisation

L eading people and change are arguably the two most demanding aspects of a leader’s work. This chapter explores how mindfulness can transform the leadership of people and change, and how the organisation can become more mindful while still keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.

Leading Mindfully when Change is the Norm

In the recent past, change projects at work were managed on the assumption that they had a distinct beginning, middle and end. Arguably the most widely known model says that after the initial shock and denial stage comes a feeling of loss, and in the final stage people start to experiment with the idea of doing something in a new way, eventually embrace it, and the new way of working becomes ‘business as usual’. This model is great to bear in mind when major change happens occasionally, and there’s time to embed changes and return to a state of business as usual.

Another commonly used model proposes that in the initial stages of change an organisation prepares for change by breaking down old structures ...

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