Chapter 11

Ten Ways to Mindfully Manage Work Pressures

In This Chapter

arrow Dealing with unreasonable demands

arrow Regaining a sense of control

arrow Managing redundancy hanging over your head

arrow Reducing your stress levels with mindful exercises

H owever good you are at your job or happy you are in your work, at some time or other you’ll feel under pressure. This chapter looks at some of the most commonly experienced pressures and some ways that mindfulness can help you deal with them.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) identified six factors that can lead to work-related stress if they’re not managed properly: Demands, control, support, relationships, role and change. This chapter starts by exploring these six factors before moving on to some more general pressures you may encounter at some time or another.

Mindfully Coping with Inappropriate Work Demands

In the current economic climate, many organisations are looking at ways to cut costs. Making people redundant is often an obvious solution. Unfortunately for those left behind, fewer staff means greater workloads and increased responsibilities. ...

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