Mindfulness For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Book description

Breathe deep, declutter your mind, and start leading a healthier, happier life 

The worry won’t stop. You’re feeling stressed out, the day-to-day seems overwhelming, and it seems difficult to do the simplest things. How can you escape this continual negative feedback loop? Mindfulness is the answer. 

Practiced by millions of people worldwide, mindfulness puts you back in a healthy relationship with yourself by teaching techniques that allow you to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and environment.

  • Clear your mind of distracting thoughts
  • Focus on breathing and other self-control techniques
  • Change the wiring and makeup of your brain
  • Free yourself from the stress

With this expert, easy-to-follow guide, there's never been a better time to get to grips with mindfulness and the many ways it can help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  3. Part 1: Getting Started with Mindfulness
    1. Chapter 1: Discovering Mindfulness
      1. Understanding the Meaning of Mindfulness
      2. Looking at Mindfulness Meditation
      3. Using Mindfulness to Help You
      4. Starting the Mindfulness Adventure
    2. Chapter 2: Enjoying the Benefits of Mindfulness
      1. Relaxing the Body
      2. Calming the Mind
      3. Soothing Your Emotions
      4. Uplifting Your Spirit
      5. Knowing Thyself: Discovering Your Observer Self
  4. Part 2: Preparing the Ground for Mindful Living
    1. Chapter 3: Making Mindfulness a Daily Habit
      1. Discovering the Secret to Change
      2. Exploring Your Intentions
      3. Preparing Yourself for Mindfulness
    2. Chapter 4: Growing Healthy Attitudes
      1. Knowing How Attitude Affects Outcome
      2. Discovering Your Attitudes to Mindfulness
      3. Developing Helpful Attitudes
      4. Appreciating ‘Heartfulness’
      5. Developing an Attitude of Gratitude
      6. Tackling Unhelpful Attitudes
    3. Chapter 5: Humans Being Versus Humans Doing
      1. Delving into the Doing Mode of Mind
      2. Embracing the Being Mode of Mind
      3. Combining Being and Doing
      4. Overcoming Obsessive Doing: Distinguishing Wants from Needs
      5. Being in the Zone: The Psychology of Flow
      6. Encouraging a Being Mode of Mind
  5. Part 3: Practising Mindfulness
    1. Chapter 6: Getting Into Formal Mindfulness Meditation Practise
      1. Preparing Your Body and Mind for Mindfulness Meditation
      2. Savouring Mindful Eating Meditation
      3. Calming with Mindful Breathing Meditation
      4. Engaging in Mindful Movement
      5. Trying Out the Body Scan Meditation
      6. Enjoying Sitting Meditation
      7. Stepping Out with Walking Meditations
      8. Generating Compassion: Metta Meditations
    2. Chapter 7: Using Mindfulness for Yourself and Others
      1. Using a Mini Mindful Exercise
      2. Using Mindfulness to Look After Yourself
      3. Using Mindfulness in Relationships
    3. Chapter 8: Using Mindfulness in Your Daily Life
      1. Using Mindfulness at Work
      2. Using Mindfulness on the Move
      3. Using Mindfulness in the Home
      4. Living Mindfully in the Digital Age
    4. Chapter 9: Establishing Your Own Mindfulness Routine
      1. Trying an Evidence-Based Mindfulness Course
      2. Choosing What to Practise for Quick Stress Reduction
      3. Going Even Deeper
    5. Chapter 10: Dealing with Setbacks and Transcending Distractions
      1. Getting the Most Out of Meditation
      2. Dealing with Common Distractions
      3. Learning from Negative Experiences
      4. Finding a Personal Path
  6. Part 4: Reaping the Rewards of Mindfulness
    1. Chapter 11: Discovering Greater Happiness
      1. Discovering the Way to Happiness
      2. Applying Mindfulness with Positive Psychology
      3. Generating Positive Emotions with Mindfulness
      4. Releasing Your Creativity
    2. Chapter 12: Reducing Stress, Anger and Fatigue
      1. Using Mindfulness to Reduce Stress
      2. Cooling Down Your Anger
      3. Reducing Fatigue
    3. Chapter 13: Using Mindfulness to Combat Anxiety, Depression and Addiction
      1. Exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
      2. Dealing Mindfully with Depression
      3. Discovering Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
      4. Pleasant and Unpleasant Experiences
      5. Calming Anxiety: Let It Be
      6. Overcoming Addiction
    4. Chapter 14: Getting Physical: Healing the Body
      1. Contemplating Wholeness: Healing from Within
      2. Seeing the Connection between Mind and Body
      3. Accepting Your Limits
      4. Rising above Your Illness
      5. Using Mindfulness to Accept Pain
      6. Using Mindfulness during Ill Health
    5. Chapter 15: Sharing Mindfulness with Children
      1. Children and Mindfulness: A Natural Combination
      2. Teaching Mindfulness to Children
      3. Playing Mindfulness Games and Exercises
      4. Supporting Teens with Mindfulness
      5. Mindful Parenting
  7. Part 5: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 16: Ten Top Tips for Mindful Living
      1. Spending Some Quiet Time Every Day
      2. Connect with People
      3. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature
      4. Change Your Daily Routine
      5. See the Wonder of the Present Moment
      6. Listen to Unpleasant Emotions
      7. Remember That Thoughts Are Just Thoughts
      8. Be Grateful Every Day
      9. Use Technology Mindfully
      10. Breathe and Smile!
    2. Chapter 17: Ten Ways Mindfulness Can Really Help You
      1. Training the Brain
      2. Improving Relationships
      3. Boosting Creativity
      4. Reducing Depression
      5. Reducing Chronic Pain
      6. Giving Deeper Meaning to Life
      7. Managing Stress and Anxiety
      8. Dealing with Addiction
      9. Regulating Eating Habits
      10. Increasing Your Happiness
    3. Chapter 18: Ten Mindfulness Myths to Expose
      1. Mindfulness Is All about the Mind
      2. Mindfulness Isn’t for Restless People
      3. Mindfulness Is Positive Thinking
      4. Mindfulness Is Only for Buddhists
      5. Mindfulness Is Only for Tough Times
      6. Mindfulness Is a Set of Techniques
      7. Mindfulness Isn’t for Me
      8. Mindfulness Meditation Is Relaxation
      9. Mindfulness Can Be Used Instead of Therapy or Medicine
      10. Mindfulness Is Complicated and Boring
    4. Chapter 19: Ten Paths to Further Study
      1. Websites
      2. Books, Magazines and Films
      3. Retreats
  8. Index
  9. About the Author
  10. Advertisement Page
  11. Connect with Dummies
  12. End User License Agreement

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  • Title: Mindfulness For Dummies, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Shamash Alidina
  • Release date: February 2020
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119641568