Appendix B: 3D Visualization

John Braley and Ron Hale-Evans

The following figures are meant to accompany the “In Real Life” section of Hack 42, “Enter the Third Dimension.”

Figure B-1: A 3D checkerboard of gray and white cubes


Figure B-2: A black point in the center of a white cube


Figure B-3: Eight lines extending from the center point to the vertices subdivide the cube into six pyramids.


Figure B-4: One of the pyramids in the white cube becomes gray.


Figure B-5: The gray pyramid in the white cube joins up with a neighboring gray cube.


Figure B-6: A central gray cube joined with six neighboring gray pyramids becomes a rhombic dodecahedron.


Figure B-7: Two adjoining rhombic dodecahedra


Figure B-8: All cubes are now transformed into rhombic dodecahedra, filling space as ...

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