Chapter 11

Advancing to the Nether, the End, and Beyond

In This Chapter

arrow Surviving the Nether

arrow Conquering the End

arrow Exploring Hardcore mode

As you pursue your own, open-ended goals, eventually you will want to use the ingredients and resources found only in the Nether. Some players come to the Nether as quickly as possible and return later, as their skills improve. Others stay in the overland world to build, mine, and farm and only visit the Nether much later in the gameplay. Beyond the Nether lies the End, and then more difficult survival modes such as difficult and hardcore. Even experienced players can take a while to complete the tasks outlined in this chapter.

Reaching the Nether

A major step in Minecraft is building the portal that transports you from the classic overworld into the Nether dimension — a dangerous place with an interesting new set of blocks and monsters. To unlock more items — and reach the next stage of the game — you have to reach the Nether.

Building a portal

Building your first nether portal requires a source of water and lava, as well as a flint and an iron ...

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