Chapter 20

Ten Helpful Redstone Tips and Contraptions

In This Chapter

arrow Creating redstone circuit designs

arrow Building redstone contraptions

arrow Using TNT in redstone design

Redstone contraptions are some of the most complex, yet fun things you can build in the game. Just like society has advanced from the vacuum tube, to the transistor, to the chip, knowing the basic switches, circuits, and levers that can be created with redstone will allow you to build much more complex contraptions in the game. Then you can automate every element of your game along the way! Here are our favorite ten tips and contraptions you can build in Minecraft:

Keeping the Power On with a T Flip-Flop

The useful contraption known in Minecraft as a T flip-flop (T stands for “toggle”) turns an input (where the power goes in) into a continuous output (where the power goes out). To turn a button (which turns on an item only as long as you push it) into a lever (which keeps the power on as long as the lever is flipped), you use a T flip-flop.

Building Design A

The first T flip-flop design, Design A, is a compact, simple ...

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