Minecraft for Makers

Book description

Minecraft has sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide (about 25 million of those units for the PC and Mac). According to Mojang, since the beginning of 2016 Minecraft continues to average 53,000 copies sold per day. Microsoft bought Minecraft (and Mojang) in 2014 for $2.5 billion. In 2016, Microsoft released a version of Minecraft specifically for educators called MinecraftEdu that is used by thousands of teachers around the world.

Minecraft for Makers explores the intersection of this creative and beloved electronic game with the real world. It gives readers the opportunity to take familiar objects from the game - such as blocks, jack o'lanterns, and mobs - and make real-world versions of them. Begin with simple crafting projects using wood, paint, and LEGOs. Then move up to projects that involve basic electronics with LEDs. And, finally, advance to Arduino microcontroller projects that teach programming skills and basic robotics. The skills build progressively on one another, from chapter to chapter, and the emphasis is on fun all the way!

Chapters include:

  • Basic Projects (Item Frame with Diamond Sword, LEGO Minecraft Block, Minecraft Chess Pieces)
  • LED Projects (Glowing Minecraft Block, Glowstone Chandelier, Minecraft Chess Board)
  • Arduino Projects (Minecraft Jack O'Lantern, Night and Day Clock, Robot Creeper)
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    Product information

    • Title: Minecraft for Makers
    • Author(s): John Baichtal
    • Release date: August 2017
    • Publisher(s): Make: Community
    • ISBN: 9781680453126