Chapter 1

Getting Started with Recipes

In This Chapter

arrow Finding, stocking, and using your inventory

arrow Crafting items you need for the first day and night

arrow Knowing the difference between shape and shapeless crafting

arrow Crafting some basic tools

Minecraft, as its name implies, is about, well, crafting. Minecraft has roughly 180 crafting recipes (and many more in the works), ranging from tools to foods and from household items to magical potions and more. Learning how to craft from essential items to more elaborate redstone recipes helps you survive early in the game and then create a wealthy empire filled with useful and luxury items.

After you create a new world in Minecraft, the first order of business is to survive the first night. A Minecraft day lasts for 20 minutes; you experience 10-minute daytimes and 3 minutes total of sunrise and sunset, during which you can prepare for the 7-minute nights, when dangerous monsters spawn in the darkness.

In this chapter, you find out how the inventory works and how to craft basic items that can help you survive the first Minecraft day. You also ...

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