Chapter 2

Defending Yourself

In This Chapter

arrow Crafting weapons

arrow Protecting yourself by crafting armor

Surviving the elements, mobs, and other players is a vital part of mastering Minecraft. Crafting a sword is a necessary step early in the game (often accomplished on the first day). As the game progresses, you’ll appreciate the advantages of investing in higher quality weapons so that you can attack effectively. Also, try to craft high-quality (and sometimes even fashionable) armor to protect yourself. This chapter gives you recipes that help you defend yourself.

Creating a Sword

remember.eps The sword does more damage than any other weapon and is therefore the most valuable weapon. Your sword can help you fight mobs and break blocks quickly.

Like the pickaxe, the sword has five tiers of strength. Here they are, in order from least to greatest:

  1. Wood
  2. Gold
  3. Stone
  4. Iron
  5. Diamond

When you use a sword to break blocks or fight, you decrease its durability. Both tools and weapons have durability bars, which are displayed on the bottom of the item in the inventory slot. When the durability bar becomes small and red, swords need to be repaired using the correct ingredients on a crafting grid or an anvil. ...

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