Chapter 5

Expanding Your House

In This Chapter

arrow Crafting advanced household items

arrow Understanding items with powers

arrow Expanding houses and bases

arrow Crafting items from the Nether and the End

Many players have established successful farms and mines, including redstone contraptions to help automate their farms. These players have long since mastered the basics of building a simple shelter with a bed and chests. They have upgraded their tools, swords, and armor, and they have used various forms of transportation to explore the biome. If you are one of these players, you’re ready to transform a simple shelter into a wealthy mansion and to create bases.

Additionally, you may have begun to advance to the Nether and the End (which ironically, is not the end of the game). Many useful and decorative items can be crafted only from materials gathered in these other dimensions.

To get you started, you can craft various items to make your Minecraft house a home. Take advantage of these items to make your game experience more comfortable, and more advantageous as you progress.

Climbing with Ladders

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