Chapter 7

Introducing the Command Block

In This Chapter

arrow Obtaining and using the redstone-based command block

arrow Mastering the available commands

arrow Autocompleting your commands

arrow Applying arguments

arrow Understanding and applying commands

Creative mode in Minecraft contains a redstone-based block so important that it requires several chapters to fully explain. This block — the command block — dramatically improves the scope of what you can do in the game and allows you to manipulate the world automatically on a large scale. You can program the command block with a text interface and activate it by way of redstone power. Because of its usefulness in designing creative worlds and custom challenges (as described in Chapter 10), this versatile block is essential to master for the complete redstone experience. This chapter shows you how to use a command block and how to program every command it supports.

Throughout this chapter, I sometimes provide you with incomplete commands, where you have to ...

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