130 Mining Your Own Business in Telecoms Using DB2 Intelligent Miner for Data
6.7 Deploying the mining results
The final and seventh stage in our generic mining method is perhaps the most
important of all. How do you deploy the mining results to your business to derive
the business benefits that data mining offers? The reason that this is so
important is that all too often data mining is seen as an analytical tool that can be
used to gain business insight, but is difficult to integrate into existing systems. In
this section we explain how the mining results that we have described can be
deployed into your business.
Constructing CVF to view your customer value in a balanced way has great
benefits from a marketing perspective. However, if it is not well deployed in your
environment in terms of IT and business, CVF could only be one of the
measurements. If it is properly deployed, then your business objective could be
set to maximize the CVF value.
6.7.1 CVF deployment in various applications
You can automate the process of building CVF into your system, for example, in
applications using DB2 Intelligent Miner Scoring, you can apply the credit risk
prediction model to your customer database, and then using the credit score you
generated, finally calculate the customer value for each.
Once you have customer value in the entire customer base, you can utilize these
values in various applications, such as OLAP, spreadsheets or in-house
applications. Customer value can give you one more dimension to look at to
catch more business insights. CVF may be one of the business objectives you
are searching for.
6.7.2 CVF deployment in retention campaign process
Customer value is the foundation of a target campaign to define the target, based
on the customer value. You can set the priorities for targeting customers in
campaign offerings. You can also allocate the marketing resources according to
the CVF value of customer group to implement 1-to-1 marketing, effectively.
6.7.3 Model maintenance
How often you should update your model is always an issue; this is highly related
to the market situation. Because if the market environment changes dramatically,
such as new regulations and new technologies, then definitely customer behavior
will change, and the importance of business is interpreted differently by the
marketing personnel.

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