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Excel—Spreadsheet Basics

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Up the Hill Bakery

Payroll Analysis


Submission Instructions Complete Case 10 in Excel. Answer the questions at the end of this case and insert the answers on an Answer Sheet within the Case 10 Excel spreadsheet. Ask your instructor for submission instructions.

Preview As the human resources director for the bakery you will be managing the payroll spreadsheet for the employees at the bakery. The data collected on the employees will help you analyze if the bakery can increase efficiency by improving their operational effectiveness within payroll. As part of the Human Resources department you serve an important role in support activity in the Porter's Value Chain Model.

Skill Set

Format spreadsheet
Absolute reference
Sum, maximum, minimum functions
Date function
Goal seek (question at end of case)
If function
Vlookup table
Center merge
Chart (question at end of case)

Background Jack and his wife Susan own a small French bakery in Chula Vista, California. Their customers are local residents and other small restaurants around the city. Their store delivers fresh bread and pastries to their customers, and they also serve breakfast and lunch in the bakery.

The restaurant is fully staffed ...

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