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Torero Tennis Team

Athletics Statistics


Submission Instructions Complete Case 15 in Excel. Answer the questions at the end of this case and insert the answers on an answer sheet within Case 15 Excel spreadsheet. Ask your instructor for submission instructions.

Preview The Torero men's tennis team would like to you to create a spreadsheet application for their game statistics. The coach and the team members would like to analyze team's strengths and weaknesses. The coach has recorded game statistics during the first round for each of the players in each of three tournaments. He wants to use the statistics to analyze each player's and whole-team percentages for completed serves, unforced errors, serve returns, and other performance criteria. The coach wants you to finish the spreadsheet he has started. When you have completed this spreadsheet, the coach can use this information to design a better practice and tennis drills for his team.

Skill Set

If function

Statistical functions

3-Dimensional workbook


Format worksheets

Background The Torero tennis team consists of six players who have played three tournaments this year: West Conference, San Diego Open, and Spring Classic. The team's coach wants to analyze each player's strengths and weakness, including serves, serve returns, volleys, and unforced errors. The coach has recorded ...

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