MLOps 248 Course - Building AI with Bedrock Agent

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MLOps 248 Course - Building AI with Bedrock Agent

The "Building AI" course series is designed to introduce you to MLOps practices for utilizing generative AI models in the development of enterprise-ready AI applications. This series provides a comprehensive understanding of the technology, science, tools, and practices required to successfully adopt generative AI technology, building trust and delivering value from the outset. The courses primarily utilize AWS cloud infrastructure and Python as a programming language. However, they are adaptable to other cloud providers and programming languages, ensuring that the course can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Week 1 - Introduction to MLOps for LLM

Lesson 0 - Course Introduction

  • Introduction Video
  • GitHub Repository

Lesson 1 - Data Science Aspects

  • LLM Introduction Video
  • LLM Tokenization Video
  • LLM Embedding Video
  • LLM Attention Video
  • LLM Next Token Prediction Video
  • LLM Token Vocabulary Video
  • FT Generative AI Visualization
  • Bedrock Console Playground Video
  • Bedrock Console Model Access Video
  • Bedrock Console Agent Building Video
  • Bedrock Console Agent Testing Video
  • Bedrock Console Summary Video
  • AWS PartyRock - play around with LLM on Bedrock
  • Lab - Setup Bedrock (including model access)
  • LLM and Trustful AI Introduction Video
  • LLM Customization Options Video
  • Understanding LLM Mistakes Video
  • Overcoming LLM Mistakes with SQL Video
  • LLM and Trustful AI Summary Video
Week 2 - IaC and DataOps

Lesson 2 - CDK and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • CDK Introduction Video
  • CDK Example Video
  • CDK Synth and Deploy Video
  • Lab - Installing CDK
  • CDK Construct Levels
  • CDK Custom Resources
  • Reading: Custom Resource with AWS CDK

Lesson 3 - Data Engineering and DataOps

  • Data Introduction Video
  • Data CDK Code Video
  • Data Management Console Video
  • Data SQL Video
  • Lab - Getting Started with S3 (optional)
  • Lab - Athena
  • Data Pipeline Improvement Video
  • Messy Data Introduction Video
  • Messy Data Ingestion Video
  • Messy Data Partition Video
  • Messy Data Glue Crawler Video
  • Messy Data Create Table Video
  • Messy Data Lambda Video
  • Messy Data Prompt Video
  • Messy Data Recap Video
  • Reading and Lab - Data Pipeline Improvements Article
Week 3 - Building Bedrock Agent

Lesson 4 - AWS Lambda as Agent Tool and DevOps

  • Lambda Tool Design Video
  • Lambda Tool Code Video
  • Lambda Powertools Video
  • Lambda Tool OpenAPI Schema Video
  • Lambda Tool CDK Code Video
  • Lambda Tool Management Console Video
  • Lab - Lambda with CDK - Python, TypeScript, .NET, Java, or Go
  • AWS Lambda Powertools - Python, TypeScript, .NET, or Java
  • AWS SDK for Pandas (AWS Data Wrangler) - Glue and Athena

Lesson 5 - Bedrock Agent

  • Bedrock Agent Design Video
  • Bedrock Agent CDK Code Video
  • Bedrock Agent Management Console Video
  • Bedrock Agent Traces Overview Video
  • Bedrock Agent Improvement Video
  • Reading - How Bedrock Agents work?
  • Bedrock Agent Debugging
  • Bedrock Agent Fixing
Week 4 - Building Interfaces (UI, Ops, IT)

Lesson 6 - Building Chat UI on App Runner and DevOps

  • Chat UI-Design Video
  • Chat UI-HTMX Video
  • Chat UI-Local Testing Video
  • Chat UI-CDK-AppRunner Video
  • Chat UI-CDK-Deply Video
  • Chat UI-Recap Video
  • Lab - FastAPI workshop
  • FastAPI templates with Jinja2
  • HTMX Introduction and Examples
  • Reading - What is App Runner?
  • Improving Chat UI Video

Lesson 7 - Build Ops Dashboard and IT review

  • CloudWatch Dashboard Video (WIP)
  • Library Review: CDK Monitoring Construct
  • IT Review - SecOps Video
  • IT Review - FinOps Video
  • IT Review - DevOps Video

Table of contents

  1. Lesson 1
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Introduction"
  2. Lesson 2
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Llm Introduction"
    2. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Llm Tokenization"
    3. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Llm Embedding"
    4. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Llm Attention"
    5. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Llm Next Token"
    6. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Llm Token Vocabulary"
    7. "Mlops Bedrock Console Playground"
    8. "Mlops Bedrock Console Model Access"
    9. "Mlops Bedrock Console Agent Building"
    10. "Mlops Bedrock Console Agent Testing"
    11. "Mlops Bedrock Console Summary"
    12. "Mlops Trustful Ai Introduction"
    13. "Mlops Trustful Ai Customization Options"
    14. "Mlops Trustful Ai Llm Mistakes"
    15. "Mlops Trustful Ai Sql Solutions"
    16. "Mlops Trustful Ai Context Window And Summary"
  3. Lesson 3
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Iac Cdk Introduction"
    2. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Iac Cdk Example"
    3. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Iac Cdk Summary"
    4. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Advancediac Levels"
    5. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Advancediac Customresources"
  4. Lesson 4
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Data Introduction"
    2. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data En Subtitles"
    3. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Data Management Console"
    4. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Data Sql And Recap"
    5. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Introduction"
    6. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Ingestion"
    7. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Partition"
    8. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Glue Crawler"
    9. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Create Table"
    10. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Lambda"
    11. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Prompt"
    12. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Messy Data Recap"
    13. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Data Cdk Code"
  5. Lesson 5
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Lambda Design"
    2. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Lambda Code"
    3. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Lambda Powertools"
    4. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Lambda Openapi Schema"
    5. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Lambda Cdk Code"
    6. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Lambda Management Console"
  6. Lesson 6
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Design"
    2. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Agent Traces En Subtitles"
    3. "Mlops Bedrock Bedrock Console"
    4. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Traces"
    5. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Improvement"
    6. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Debug"
    7. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Fix"
    8. "Mlops Bedrock Cdk Code"
  7. Lesson 7
    1. "Mlops Bedrock Agent It Reviews Secops"
    2. "Mlops Bedrock Agent It Reviews Finops"
    3. "Mlops Bedrock Agent It Reviews Devops"
    4. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Ui Cdk"
    5. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Ui Deploy"
    6. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Ui Recap"
    7. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Improvingui"
    8. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Ui Htmx"
    9. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Ui Local Testing"
    10. "Mlops Bedrock Agent Ui Design"

Product information

  • Title: MLOps 248 Course - Building AI with Bedrock Agent
  • Author(s): Guy Ernest
  • Release date: June 2024
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic AI Labs
  • ISBN: 06302024VIDEOPAIML