Chapter 2. Measure App Success

Before you start to collect any data about your mobile apps, it’s important to understand the different categories of metrics and which key questions they help to address. Every department within your company, such as development, ops, marketing, or sales, focuses on providing answers to different product-related aspects. While the development and ops departments might be more interested in the overall performance and stability of your mobile apps, the marketing and sales people want install, engagement, and stickiness metrics. The spectrum of necessary metrics to measure the overall performance, to collect crash reports, and to monitor the usage of your apps is quite broad.

The first part of this chapter focuses on metrics that help to answer questions such as how many people are using your app and how many of them were acquired recently. The second part of this chapter looks at metrics that can inform you of how much time a user spends with your app. It’s important to engage your app users regularly so that users get used to working with your product. Target audience analysis gives you detailed information about your active users. Marketing and sales experts use this information to better understand the needs of your target group and to streamline marketing campaigns accordingly.

Acquiring new users is the first step within any funnel that ultimately should lead to fulfilling an app’s business objectives. Depending on the business model, these ...

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