Mobile Commerce

Book description

Do you know anyone who does not own a mobile device? Consumers use mobile devices not only for communicating but for shopping as well. Searching for product information, inquiring about services, comparing prices, and purchasing make-up are just some of the shopping functions done on mobile devices. How does this change how firms do business? What are the differences between desktop computer shoppers and mobile device shoppers? Moreover, are firms prepared to do business in this changing environment? The purpose of this book is to answer questions concerning the benefits of mobile commerce and its commonalities and contrasts with electronic commerce. Electronic commerce is still viable and we examine its validity along with mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is not electronic commerce, and we discuss the differences, as well as how one can enhance the other. Consumers use both electronic commerce and mobile commerce, as well as offline shopping, on their path to purchase in total omnichannel environment-using all channels. We integrate the opportunities and challenges to bring an idea of the future of marketing with an emphasis on both mobile and electronic commerce, into digital commerce.

Product information

  • Title: Mobile Commerce
  • Author(s): Esther Swilley
  • Release date: November 2015
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606498453