Chapter 5

Managing and Controlling Devices

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding mobile device management

arrow Distributing and controlling applications

The smartphone explosion has been fast and furious. Almost overnight, tens of millions of smartphone devices have been sold. Because you’re reading this book, we assume that some of them are in the hands of your users, and they are demanding access to corporate data from these devices.

To compound the problem, many of these devices are probably owned by the end users themselves, rather than by your organization. The personally liable (user-owned) device introduces a whole new set of concerns when you’re trying to manage and control these devices. Typically referred to as the “consumerization of IT,” today’s users demand access from their device of choice. Gone are the days when the IT department could provision a single type of computer and a single mobile device to all users that required them. Sure, some strongholds still exist, but with each passing day, more departments are bending to the pressure and beginning to allow these types of devices to access corporate data.

Whether you’re provisioning and managing corporate-liable (company-issued) mobile devices or allowing end users to purchase their own devices, or both, this chapter helps ...

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