Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Mobile commerce transactions continue to soar, driven largely by the ever-increasing
adoption and use of smartphones and tablets. The use of this technology gives consumers
the exibility to shop whenever and wherever they want. This book addresses the role
of industry, academia, scientists, engineers, professionals, and students in developing
innovative new mobile commerce technologies and systems to further improve the
consumer experience. It also discusses the impact of mobile commerce on society,
economics, culture, organizations, government, industry, and our daily lives.
This book brings together experts from multiple disciplines in industry and academia
to stimulate new thinking in the development and application of mobile commerce
technology. The book covers important mobile commerce topics, such as critical
infrastructure management, mobile security issues, new applications and services,
emerging development architectures, mobile business solutions, and future research
In addition to its multidisciplinary approach, the book also provides a cross-cultural
approach intended to overcome cultural barriers and accelerate mobile commerce
advancement in the global economy. Authors and researchers from around the world
discuss a broad spectrum of methods, tools, and guidelines for designing mobile
commerce systems and services in different cultures.
• Discusses work on state-of-the-art mobile commerce innovations, cutting-edge
infrastructures, and emerging mobile commerce systems
• Offers a multidisciplinary point of view from experts in industrial and
systems engineering, information technology, wireless communications,
software engineering, and the mobile government, healthcare, banking, and
transportation industries
• Presents cross-cultural solutions to overcome cultural barriers and accelerate
mobile commerce development in the global economy
• Provides a balanced representation of researchers and authors from academia
and industry around the world
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it covers all the subjects concerning mobile electronic commerce.
—Dr. Yas A. Alsultanny, University professor
ISBN: 978-1-4665-9090-8
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Mobile Electronic
Foundations, Development, and Applications
Edited by June Wei
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Mobile Electronic Commerce
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Mobile Electronic
Foundations, Development, and Applications
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Mobile Electronic
Foundations, Development, and Applications
Edited by June Wei

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