Chapter 7. Polishing the Game

By the end of this chapter, you’ll have applied a number of tweaks to Gnome’s Well That Ends Well, and the final result will be something like Figure 7-1.

There are three main areas of polish that we’ll add to the game:

Visual polish

We’ll be adding new sprites for the gnome, improving the look of the backgrounds, and adding particle effects that improve the look of the game.

Gameplay polish

We’ll be adding different kinds of traps, a title screen, and also a way to make the gnome invincible, which will help with gameplay testing.

Audio polish

We’ll also be adding sound effects to the game, which react to what the player’s doing.

The resources used in this chapter can be found in the assets package available at

mgdu 0701
Figure 7-1. The final game

Updating the Gnome’s Art

The first thing that we’ll do to polish up the game is to change the gnome’s sprites from their current stick-figure state, and swap them for a hand-painted replacement set of sprites.

To get started with this, copy the GnomeParts folder from the original resources into the Sprites folder. This folder contains two subfolders: Alive contains the new parts for the gnome, and Dead contains sprites that are used for when the gnome is dead (see Figure 7-2). We’ll start with the alive sprites, but we’ll be using the dead sprites later.

Figure ...

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