Mobile HTML5

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Learn how to use unique aspects of HTML5 to create mobile websites and apps on multiple device platforms. In this video course, Max Firtman (Programming the Mobile Web) shows you how to work with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and tools for mobile devices, such as emulators. You’ll learn about different screen sizes and resolutions, sensors and hardware, form design, testing and debugging, and other facets of mobile design and development.

With live code, detailed walk-throughs, many examples, and live demos of various tools and techniques, this course teaches you hidden tricks and solutions for better usability and multiplatform compatibility, as well as how to deal with common pitfalls and challenges. It’s ideal for experienced web designers and developers.

  • Learn the key features that a mobile website or app needs for success
  • Use emulators and other tools for testing and debugging mobile apps on several platforms
  • Delve into CSS media queries and responsive web design
  • Understand the mobile web ecosystem, including different browsers and rendering engines
  • Learn HTML5 solutions for placing images in high resolution, playing audio and video, and capturing images from a camera
  • Customize user experience with geolocation services and data from the accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope
  • Understand the advantages of home-screen web apps for Android and iOS
  • Learn how to integrate your website with native apps

Maximiliano Firtman, founder of ITMaster Professional Training, is a mobile+web developer, trainer, speaker, writer, and Adobe Community Champion.

Product information

  • Title: Mobile HTML5
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2014
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491914625