Utility Functions

There are two utility functions that are used from various locations in the Mobile IPv6 code. In this chapter, we discuss these utility functions. Table 12–1 contains the list of functions.

Table 12–1

Utility functions.

mip6_create_ip6hdr()Create an IPv6 header as a mbuf
mip6_cksum()Compute a checksum value for MH messages

12.1 Global Variables

In the Mobile Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) code, the global variables listed in Table 12–2 are used.

Table 12–2

Global variables.

NameDescription (related node types)
struct hif_softc_list hif_softc_listThe list of home virtual network entries (MN)
struct mip6_bc_list mip6_bc_listThe list of binding cache entries (CN, HA)
struct mip6_prefix_list mip6_prefix_listThe list of prefix ...

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