Appendix: The Manual Page of mip6control

A.1 Name

mip6control — control KAME/MIP6 features

A.2 Synopsis

mip6control [− i ifname][− abcghlmMnNw][− H home_prefix][− P prefixlen]

[− A home_agent_global_addr][− L home_agent_linklocal_addr]

[− C addr][− u address#port][− v address#port]

[− F ifp1[:ifp2[:ifp3]]][− S 0 | 1][ D 0 | 1]

A.3 Description

mip6control sets/gets KAME/MIP6-related information. If no argument is specified, mip6control shows the current status of the node.

i ifname

Specify home interface of the mobile node. The default value is hif( ).

H home_prefix

Set home_prefix as a home prefix of the mobile node. You must specify the prefix length of home_prefix with -P option.

–P prefixlen

Specify the length of the prefix to be assigned to the mobile ...

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