Chapter 4: The Four Keys to Mobile Marketing Success

What are the four keys to mobile marketing success? Here’s a hint: You’ll find them in the MIST.


These are the qualities that consumers want from their mobile devices. Every aspect of your marketing should center around these keys. Every other chapter in this book is an elaboration of these four points. It’s crucial that you understand the subtler dynamics of the environment you’re working in. After all, functionality is only a means to an end. This isn’t a formula for producing award-winning ideas. It’s simply a set of guidelines and tools to help you and your team take your message to the world. Think mobile, intimate, social, and transactional, and you’ll get yourself into the right headspace for making and running great campaigns.


It may sound silly—of course mobile marketing has to be mobile, right?—but your marketing has to be mobile in a sense more than just being on the device called mobile. There are plenty of products and services on mobile whose only purpose for being there is “because we can!”

That doesn’t mean that some stuff inherently shouldn’t be on mobile. Everything can, and should, be available via mobile—the question is how and how much. If people want, need, or use your product, they are going to need and expect to interact with it on their mobile devices, as we see from the high usage of mobiles ...

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