Chapter 14: Selling Everything Everywhere

A lot of the folks reading this book probably came to it worried about the way mobile is changing their business. If that was you, hopefully I’ve shown you that going mobile doesn’t mean throwing the old rulebook out the window. In fact, having that solid rulebook will help you navigate these always shifting waters. You’re still dealing with a lot of the same challenges, ideas and methods that you always have been—you’re just expanding them in new directions and new channels, thinking about familiar problems in ways that are new, possibly challenging, and definitely exciting.

The Perpetual Path to Purchase

The path to purchase is a great example of an old idea that mobile takes and approaches in a new way. Many marketers talk about the funnel, about guiding potential consumers to the point of purchase. That same concept still exists with mobile. Except now, your point of purchase is potentially everywhere, extremely competitive and lightning fast.

You could make the argument that any sort of cool mobile play is going to bring people to your point of purchase and at the very least get their attention. That may be true, but the time and expense of getting people to and from your cool mobile play needs to strategically advance them toward the pointy end of that funnel. In this chapter we’re going to try to understand a little more about exactly why that is, and talk about other ways to integrate mobile with your path to purchase.

Our mobile ...

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