Chapter 1. Unveiling the Possibilities of Mobile Marketing

In This Chapter

  • Discovering mobile marketing and its key elements

  • Exploring the myriad of mobile devices and networks

  • Finding out about the three forms of mobile marketing

  • Reviewing the many capabilities of mobile devices

We've become a mobile society, worldwide. People around the world are on the go, and nearly everyone has a mobile phone or a mobile device of some kind to help them connect with people, information, and businesses from anywhere. Sure, people are still making and receiving phone calls with their mobile phones, but increasingly, they're also texting, searching theWeb, downloading applications, consuming content, responding to ads, spending money, and generating value for themselves and marketers, not just with phones but a wide range of devices as explained below.

The mobile device is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of our mobilized society. In fact, for many people around the globe, a mobile device has become their primary communication and commerce tool. Whenever our world changes, so must the practice of marketing. This book is all about showing you how to embrace this change. We show you how to embrace the emerging practice of mobile marketing and engage your customers through and with the mobile devices they use.

In this chapter, we get you started. We provide you with a detailed definition of mobile marketing and review its key elements. And because the mobile device is the cornerstone of any mobile marketing ...

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