Chapter 3. Complying with Industry Regulations and Best Practices

In This Chapter

  • Developing a mobile marketing policy

  • Meeting the requirements of wireless carriers

  • Complying with laws and industry standards

Mobile marketing is governed by a combination of laws, of which many were drafted before much of today's technology existed, and new laws and regulations set by a combination of industry leaders, wireless carriers, and government agencies.

As with any industry, mobile marketing has its fair share of regulations and best practices that you need to follow. Doing so enables you to stay in compliance with the rules of the industry, protect the consumer, and help ensure the consumer has the best possible user experience.

Regulations refer to government mandated rules and laws that must be followed on both the state and federal levels in the Unites States or throughout a particular region or in other parts of the world. Best practices and guidelines are a compilation of accepted industry practices, wireless carrier policies, and regulatory guidance that have been agreed upon by representative members of a particular industry.

This chapter provides a road map for complying with the industry's best practices, guidelines, rules, and regulations so you can stay on the right side of the law and consumer preferences.

Creating Your Company's Mobile Marketing Policy

Every company engaging in mobile marketing should have its own mobile marketing policy to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and ...

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