Chapter 4. Getting Ready for a Text Messaging Campaign

In This Chapter

  • Getting approval for your text messaging campaigns

  • Obtaining and using common short codes

  • Setting up a text messaging platform and database

  • Selecting an application provider to enable your campaigns

Text messaging, also referred to as Short Message Service (SMS), or just texting, is an incredibly versatile way to send a message to nearly any mobile phone on the planet. About 95% of all phones are text messaging enabled. An SMS is a 160-character alphanumeric digital message that can be sent to and from a mobile phone. Alphanumeric means that it consists of letters (upper- and lowercase), numbers and symbols (such as 1, 2, 3, 4, !, @, #, or $), and spaces. SMS messages can be exchanged between mobile phones and SMS-enabled devices, digital displays (like a JumboTron at a sports arena or conference), blogs, and social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Text messaging is more than just a person-to-person channel; text messaging is the cornerstone of mobile marketing. You can deliver content, news, and weather; launch voting and polling programs; engage consumers in promotional offers and sweepstakes; recruit volunteers; deliver coupons and customer care alerts; and so much more.

In this chapter, we show you how to get your text messaging program organized and what you need to get started. We review how to select your text messaging partner and set up your database. We also show you how to register common short ...

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