Chapter 5. Executing Common Text Messaging Campaigns

In This Chapter

  • Managing opt-in and opt-out permission

  • Sending information and alerts

  • Creating text messaging coupons

  • Delivering interactive surveys, polls, and other campaigns

At first glance, text messaging seems to be a very simple service. I mean, really, what can be accomplished with 160 characters? If that's what you think, you will be surprised to discover just what text messaging can accomplish. You can

  • Build awareness for your brand and products

  • Stimulate engagement in your loyalty programs

  • Sell goods and services and raise money

  • Inform and entertain

  • Recruit volunteers and build community

  • Direct people to your store or events

  • Provide real-time and asynchronous customer care and support

  • Stimulate social media engagement

  • Send last minute alerts and special VIP offers

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. You can do even more.

In this chapter, we focus on showing you how to set up text message-based mobile marketing programs, including promotion services, quizzes, polls, surveys, alert services, couponing, and more.

In the following pages, you discover how to manage consumer opt-ins for your text programs as well as howto gracefully handle the opt-outs when your customers tell you they don't want to hear from you via text anymore. You also find out about the common mobile marketing text programs, such as direct response, trivia, polls, surveys, mobile giving, alerts services, and more.

After reading this chapter, you'll have a clear, ...

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