Chapter 7. Mobile E-Mail Marketing

In This Chapter

  • Comparing mobile e-mail to other mobile communications

  • Dealing with mobile device display issues

  • Building your e-mail list using mobile devices

  • Designing mobile-friendly e-mail content

  • Including mobile-friendly calls to action in your e-mails

In the early days of mobile e-mail, if you wanted to make sure people on mobile phones could read your company's e-mail newsletter, you had to send some sort of text-only version of the pretty-looking HTML e-mail you sent to your customers' computers. That's changing fast. Mobile phones and the programs that run on them are getting sophisticated enough to display complex HTML and standardized enough to ensure that your e-mails look basically the same on a majority of devices.

Don't relax yet, however. You need to do more than just worry about getting your e-mails to look good. You also need to make sure your e-mail content is accessible on multiple platforms like computer-based e-mail programs, Web-based e-mail programs, and even social media sites. You also need to be able to utilize other forms of mobile communication to build your e-mail list and ensure that your mobile e-mails are actionable through mobile devices so your customers are able to make purchase decisions without waiting until they're in front of a computer.

This chapter shows you how to make changes to your overall e-mail marketing strategy so your e-mails get results when they're viewed on mobile devices. To find out how to build ...

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