Chapter 11. Executing Voice-Enabled Mobile Campaigns

In This Chapter

  • Choosing automated and live agent models and partners

  • Determining which voice campaigns are best to achieve your goals

  • Understanding how to configure and launch a voice marketing program

It's easy to forget that a mobile phone enables you to verbally communicate with your customers because you can do so many other exciting things to reach people on their mobile phones and related devices. It is, after all, first and foremost, a phone. The fact is, however, that marketing through voice is just as exciting as any of the other mobile media, not to mention the fact that the ability to talk and listen is the one and only feature that is available on all mobile phones. Because pretty much everybody knows how to talk on the phone, you don't have to worry whether the majority of your customers will beable to interact with your voice campaigns.

Marketing through voice can involve humans, it can be automated, or both. Your marketing can invite calls from people or initiate calls to people. Either way, the mobile phone presents an opportunity to reach literally everyone with a mobile phone in a familiarand useful way.

In this chapter, we show you how to tap into the voice features of phones when designing your mobile marketing campaigns, and we explain how to set up and run voice-enabled mobile campaigns. We also touch briefly on using mobile for engaging with a live person, but the majority of this chapter is about how to set ...

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