Chapter 12. Mobile Social Media Marketing

In This Chapter

  • Evaluating the impact of mobile on social media

  • Integrating mobile into your social media strategies

  • Engaging social communities through mobile

Social media mobile marketing is all about successfully encouraging your customers to participate in your marketing programs by contributing comments and content or, even better, by starting their own independent conversations about your products and services. Things really start to get exciting when your customers take the initiative to interact with your business in the moment through a mobile device, or even build their own self-sustaining mobile social communities around your products or services.

The very nature of mobile devices allows people to participate more conveniently because they can make contributions anytime and anywhere. The potential of a mobile social community is tremendous because the ability to use mobile technology can be built into your community.

In this chapter, we provide you an overview of how to integrate mobile into your social media marketing activities. We start by showing you how to leverage online communities and create your own mobile-friendly social offerings. Then, we show you how to engage your customers with your offerings through their mobile devices.

Integrating Mobile with Your Social Media Strategy

Your customers aren't going to carry their computers around with them all day and open them up every fifteen minutes to follow your company's latest news ...

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