Chapter 14. Evaluating the ROI on Mobile Marketing

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the measurement and analysis of mobile marketing campaigns

  • Setting up databases, profiles, and CRM systems

  • Collecting data and analyzing reports

  • Calculating return on investment (ROI)

Measuring and tracking the results of your marketing programs, including both your direct and mobile-enabled traditional marketing programs, is an essential part of your job as a marketer. Over the last few years, marketers have been put under a significant amount of pressure to demonstrate a return on investment for the organizational resources they consume. Return on investment (ROI) is the measurement of dollars received for every dollar invested. In other words, you need to show the value of your effort and how those efforts contribute to meeting the company's goals and objectives.

Mobile analytics provide valuable insights into the performance of your mobile campaigns. Mobile analytics refer to the process of measuring, monitoring, and tracking your mobile marketing campaigns. With mobile marketing analytics, you can

  • Track individual user participation in all your programs by time, frequency, location, and other measurements

  • Measure and compare all your mobile marketing campaigns, in some cases in real time, so that you can make immediate adjustments to your programs

  • Use data to calculate your ROI to see if you're making more than you spend (a positive ROI) or if you're losing money on your programs (a negative ROI)

This chapter ...

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