Marketers are always looking to make their communications more personal, more targeted, and more relevant. Mobile is arguably the most personal, targeted, and relevant marketing channel available.

Mobile devices provide individuals with almost instant access to friends and family, location-based information, productivity tools, entertainment, and all the benefits of accessing the Internet from almost anywhere. If you're responsible for marketing a business or organization, making sure your marketing campaigns find their way on to mobile devices is one of the most important jobs you have.

This book shows you how to create and run engaging mobile marketing campaigns using today's mobile technology. We explain the opportunities and strategies you need to reach mobile consumers and get them to engage. We show you how to deliver mobile messages including SMS, MMS, and mobile e-mail.

Because your prospects and customers have to opt in for you to deliver mobile messages to them, this book explains how to build a quality mobile opt-in list full of subscribers who reward your mobile marketing efforts. We also show you how to create great mobile Internet sites, mobile applications, advertising campaigns, and social media interactions.

This book also shows you how to take advantage of voice by creating voice campaigns and how to enable your customers to make purchases on their phones through mobile commerce and point-of-sale campaigns.

Mobile marketers are subject to many legal requirements ...

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