11.1. MobiLenin

The MobiLenin system allows a group of people to interact simultaneously with a multi-track music video shown on a large public display using their personal mobile phones, effectively empowering the group with the joint authorship of the video. The system was implemented with a client–server architecture that includes server-driven, real-time control of the client UI written in PyS60 to guarantee ease of use. A lottery mechanism was built in as an incentive for interaction.

The MobiLenin system was a research project of one of the authors and his motivation as a music and new media artist and engineer was to create an interactive technology system that gives the audience the possibility of engaging in a new way in his live show – simply by interacting with the music and video on a large screen. The idea is to enhance people's concert experience by allowing them to interact with the artist in the virtual domain on the display.

11.1.1. System Architecture

The MobiLenin system comprises four components:

  • a PyS60 client application running on a mobile phone

  • an application running on a PC connected to the Internet

  • an external server

  • a large public display showing the music video.

There are several reasons why personal mobile phones are suitable user devices for this purpose. First, they are ubiquitous, as practically everyone has one. Second, they allow anonymous, wireless and mobile participation in a joint social and public group interaction. Third, the mobile phone ...

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