Mobilized Marketing: How to Drive Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices

Book description

Integrate your mobile marketing program and take your brand to the next level

Mobile marketing is finally entering the forefront of the marketing realm as megabrands roll out million-dollar budgets and small businesses have turned to the channel for its affordability, measurability, and repeatable successes in producing sales and driving engagement and loyalty. Through insights from bold industry visionaries and fellow mobile pioneers, Mobilized Marketing takes readers through campaigns worth repeating and others that are not. Learn the many roads that marketers can take and the proven strategies and tactics that move products and build loyalty through the consumer's most personal device.

With examples from the more than 130,000 campaigns developed by mobile marketing leader Hipcricket, Mobilized Marketing breaks down how brands of all sizes have performed in their mobile efforts—why some have failed and how others bravely turned to mobile.

  • Demonstrates how to integrate mobile into marketing programs and how to effectively measure it

  • Explains how to make your existing marketing spends work harder

  • Delivers step-by-step instructions on how to optimize campaigns in real-time

  • Shows how to determine which mobile tactics are keepers and which are not

It's time to mobilize your marketing programs and drive your profits to new heights.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Foreword: Michael Becker
  8. Preface
  9. Part I: The Early Years
    1. Chapter 1: Radio’s Days of Glory
    2. Chapter 2: Hipcricket’s Beginnings in a Starbucks
    3. Chapter 3: Mobile at the Start of the Millennium
    4. Chapter 4: American Idol Engages a Nation
    5. Chapter 5: RAZR Sharpens Mobile’s Focus
    6. Chapter 6: Hipcricket’s First Customers
    7. Chapter 7: Listening to the Consumer
    8. Chapter 8: The Brands Show Some Interest
    9. Chapter 9: Mobile as a Natural Progression
    10. Chapter 10: Mobile in the Fight Against Cancer
    11. Chapter 11: Stops and Starts
    12. Chapter 12: Build Me an iPhone App
    13. Chapter 13: Hipcricket Matures, Rebrands
    14. Chapter 14: It’s Not Spam on the Phone
    15. Chapter 15: Texting with the Phone to the Ear?
    16. Chapter 16: Mobile Award For Dummies
  10. Part II: The Present
    1. Chapter 17: The Recession’s Effect on Mobile’s Growth
      1. Simon Shops for Visitors
    2. Chapter 18: Behavior Changes Seen in All Age Groups
    3. Chapter 19: Mobile Gets Busy
      1. 34 Cars Sold after None Moved in More Than One Month
    4. Chapter 20: Radio Regains Its Magic
    5. Chapter 21: Hipcricket Weathers the Recession
      1. More Radio Success
    6. Chapter 22: The Brands Rebound from the Recession
      1. Selling on the Fear Factor
      2. Engaging the Brands
    7. Chapter 23: The Rise of Loyalty Clubs
      1. Arby’s Goes Mobile Late-Night
    8. Chapter 24: MillerCoors Drinks from Android Cup
    9. Chapter 25: Belle Tire Rolls with Mobile
    10. Chapter 26: Other Brands Produce Notable Campaigns
      1. Macy’s: Mobile as the Ticket to Backstage
      2. Perrier: Hot, Hot, Hot
      3. Ford Has a Better Idea
    11. Chapter 27: Trends
      1. The Convergence of Mobile and Social
      2. Responding at the Point of Impression
      3. 2011 as Year of Mobile Commerce
      4. Privacy Concerns or Win-Win Customer Relationship Management?
    12. Chapter 28: Innovation
      1. The Introduction of Tablets
      2. CNN Reaches the World’s Audiences in New Ways
      3. ESPN: Mobile Hits and Misses
      4. The “Remote Control for Life”
    13. Chapter 29: Looking Internationally for Guidance
      1. Restrictions for U.S. Marketers
      2. Learning by Observing
      3. When Thinking Global, Think Local
      4. Canada Plays Catch-Up
      5. The Contrasts between Europe and America
      6. Latin America—One Size Does Not Fit All
      7. How Microsoft Handles Disparate Markets
    14. Chapter 30: Hipcricket Builds for the Future
  11. Part III: The Future
    1. Chapter 31: Determining Whether Mobile Has Arrived
    2. Chapter 32: The Ever-Changing Consumer
    3. Chapter 33: The Tools You Can Use
      1. Messaging
      2. Mobile Web
      3. Mobile Advertising
      4. Mobile Apps
      5. QR Codes
      6. Location-Based Services
      7. Mobile Video
    4. Chapter 34: The Real Questions Marketers Should Ask
      1. How Fast Should I Go? How Much Time and Dollars Should I Devote?
      2. Have We Crossed the Chasm?
      3. Do We Have Enough Metrics to Make Wise Decisions?
      4. Will Consumers Continue to Seek Out Offers?
      5. What’s the Future of Mobile and Social?
      6. Does My Vendor Protect Me?
      7. Will Transparency Move My Business?
      8. How Will Mobile Change with the Passing of Steve Jobs?
      9. Should We Be Looking for Innovation or the Maturing of Existing Technology?
      10. How Do I Find a Job in Mobile?
      11. How Do I Select a Mobile Marketing Provider?
      12. Twitter vs. Mobile: How to Decide?
      13. Can I Capitalize on the Hyperlocal Opportunity?
    5. Chapter 35: Advice from the Smartest Marketers
      1. Get Mobile to Go Mobile
      2. Alter Course or Have Thick Skin
      3. Be on the Lookout for the Wave
      4. Don’t Offer Excuses
      5. Watch for Small and Large Changes
      6. Look Beyond the Obvious
      7. Think Beyond the Funnel
      8. Remember Mobile Is Not the Same as Online
      9. Find Multiple Ways to Engage
      10. Think One to One, Not One to Many
      11. Reconsider Traditional Media
  12. Conclusion: So Where Are We with Mobile Marketing?
  13. Epilogue
  14. About the Author
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Mobilized Marketing: How to Drive Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118243268