Chapter 3. Application Dumpster Diving

Application Dumpster Diving

Bill of Materials

Mac OS X Software

  • Help Viewer (/System/Library/ CoreServices)

  • Mail (/Applications)

  • QuickTime Player (/Applications)

  • iTunes (/Applications)

  • Preview (/Applications)

  • iMovie (/Applications)

  • GarageBand (/Applications)

  • System Preferences (/Applications)

  • Terminal (/Applications/Utilities)

  • Calculator (/Applications)

  • TextEdit (/Applications)

  • Xcode Tools (/Developer)

  • Soundtrack ( )

Third-Party Software

If you’re not afraid to get messy and you’re willing to dive into the complex jumble that is an application’s Resources folder, you’ll find yourself well rewarded. Most Mac OS X applications are brimming with cool stuff, and nearly all of it is packed into the Resources folder. It’s there that you’ll find sounds, pictures, movies, and other fun, reusable or, better yet, customizable items.

Whether you’re mining for goodies or changing the application to make it “more you,” a strong heart and a desire to explore are your best tools. You’ll learn what it takes to start playing with resources. You’ll customize sounds, pictures, and strings and localize those custom files. You’ll use the command line to search by extension and learn the ...

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