Libraries and the Applications That Use Them

As you have discovered, Mac OS X uses Library folders to store and recover data. The user domain’s Library folder (~/Library) collects personalized support files, while the local domain Library folder (/Library) contains items used in a more global way. Within each library are folders that contain many types of materials, including preferences, licenses, plug-ins, and so forth. Many of the folder names overlap and can be found in both the user domain and the local domain.

	$ cd /Library
	$ ls
	Address Book Plug-Ins		Image Capture			Printers
	Application Enhancers		InputManagers			Python
	Application Support			Internet Plug-Ins		QuickTime
	Audio				Internet Search Sites	QuickTime.sit
	CFMSupport				Java					QuickTimeStreaming
	Caches				Keyboard Layouts		Receipts
	ColorSync				Keychains				Recent Applications
	Components				Logs					Screen Savers
	Contextual Menu Items		Modem Scripts			Scripts
	Desktop Pictures			NonStartupItems			StartupItems
	Documentation				Packages				User Pictures
	Filesystems				Perl					WebServer
	Fonts				PreferencePanes
	Frameworks				Preferences

	$ cd ~/Library
	$ ls
	Address Book Plug-Ins			FontCollections			Printers
	Application Enhancers			FontFavorites.plist		QuicKeys
	Application Support Fonts Recent Servers Assistants Icons Safari Audio Images Screen Savers Bundles Indexes Scripts Caches InputManagers Services Calendars Internet Plug-Ins Snapz Pro X ColorPickers Keyboard Layouts Sounds ColorSync Keychains WordService.service Colors Logs iApps Contextual Menu Items Mail iDVD Cookies Page Sender ...

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