The quiz in this appendix does not replace the sample exam provided by ISTQB. It is only intended to give you the possibility to check your understanding of the topic. You may download the official sample exam document from the ISTQB website: http://www.istqb.org/certification-path-root/model-based-extension.html.

Only one answer per question is correct. If the question ends with …, select the continuation that fits best. You will find the solutions at the end of this appendix.

Good luck!

  1. 1) Why do we need new approaches to testing?
    1. a) Classic test design techniques such as boundary value analysis are incompatible with agile approaches.
    2. b) New technologies always require new tools and, thus, new approaches to testing.
    3. c) Testing projects have to cope with increasing industrial demands regarding time-to-market and cost reduction.
    4. d) By definition, new approaches are better and there is no reason not to use them.
  2. 2) The ISTQB standard glossary defines MBT as…
    1. a) Replacing classic testing techniques by models.
    2. b) Testing based on or involving models.
    3. c) Generating test cases for automated test execution from models.
    4. d) Reusing of models from analysis and design phases for testing purposes.
  3. 3) Which one of the following statements describes the benefits of model-based testing best?
    1. a) Using MBT increases efficiency and/or effectiveness of your testing activities.
    2. b) Using MBT, the budget required for testing will decrease.
    3. c) Using MBT, you will find more ...

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