In the software industry, software developers are faced with the following dilemma: reducing system development cost and time while developing increasingly complex systems. In this context, embedded systems must retain a high level of quality when it comes to reliability, safety, real time properties, reusability…

For that purpose, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) methods and supporting technologies provide the techniques and tools needed to address these issues.

The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) initiative of the Object Management Group is concerned with the development of standards and technologies that enable and support model-based system development. This book provides engineers and researchers with the opportunity to learn about Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and its application to embedded system development.

The book includes articles from university and industry experts on topics related to MDE practices, methods and to emerging technologies. The development cycle of systems is covered, based on the intensive use of models on several levels of abstraction from system modelling to code generation.

The articles are the result of the presentations given during the summer school “MDE for Embedded Systems” in September 2004 near Brest, France.

In the first part, the system level is introduced with articles on UML2.0, the SysML profile and an experiment on system modelling for mechatronics systems.

The second part is focused on modelling techniques with aspect modelling ...

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