Chapter 20

Adoption Strategies for MDSD

with Jorn Bettin

We hope we have made it clear the potential that Model-Driven Software Development has and which investments or organizational measures are useful or required in principle. We also hope that at this point you are wondering how and under what circumstances you can take steps towards MDSD in your own project or business, and how your adoption of MDSD might look. This chapter tried to answers these questions.

20.1 Prerequisites

Model-Driven Software Development can certainly be considered quite advanced in relation to software engineering in general. You may have to face much more profound changes that must be addressed before optimization in the form of MDSD will become useful:

  • Has an iterative-incremental approach been established for the execution of the project – particularly in the field of requirements management? The required separation of domain architecture development and application development on the introduction of MDSD requires a working coordination of two partial projects: if you separate domain architecture development from application development, as we recommend, you need to coordinate these two aspects of development.
  • Does the team have enough conceptual and practical architectural knowledge?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no’, we recommend that you address these issues prior to defining an MDSD pilot project, or at least while defining it – with external support if necessary. This should ...

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